Since 2012, Bangunindo has been constantly innovating technology to continue developing Indonesia

Moving together with many technological development instruments, Bangunindo has been at the forefront of Information technology company services, as well as providing digital consultancy in Indonesia. In its development to overcome technological gaps in Indonesia, Bangunindo is proud to present Semeru Tools.

What we want to go

To provide an information system that can be used to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the program by presenting data that shows performance indicators on the implementation of work quickly and accurately and can provide a project management system that displays data information

Semeru tools was built with the spirit of overcoming technology-based challenges faced by many companies in Indonesia

Semeru Tools is an application that can integrate all existing systems and used in a company. Semeru Tools ensures a perfect synergy and digitalization process, between systems so that a good efficiency occurs within the company.

What Will You Get as Benefit?

Progress Report
Issues Report
Progress Approval
Project Summary
Data Integration
SLA Calculation
Troubleshoot Decision

What We Offer

Semeru Tools is a package of products created by Bangunindo to answer the challenges of technological development for every business that exist today. With an integrated system with one another, Semeru Tools have main features including:

Project Monitoring System

• Real time monitoring system

• Easy access anytime, anywhere

• Comprehensive yet easy to use

• Complete with Geotagging Reporting Apps for faster and more accurate reports

Troubleshooting System

• Online problem solving assisstant for network-related problems

• Automatic ticket creation

• Automatic problem identification

• Online reporting with admin authorization

Resource Monitoring

• Ongoing server condition monitoring

• CPU, RAM, & Disk Usage monitoring

• Alarm system with threshold configuration

Network Monitoring System

• Real time network condition monitoring

• Network’s Live Data

• Performance, fault & alarm monitoring system

• Data processed using Big Data Environment for faster, more accurate, and predicatble results

Geotagging Reporting Apps

• Reports withdrawal with GPS Tracker

• Can be operated in offline mode

• Easy to operate

Executive Dashboard

• Customizable Dashboard with great UI and UX

• Responsive layout that is accessible from any device

• Available on Android and iOS

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